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Every crime scene examiner will have a range of fingerprint powders at their disposal. Different powders are suitable for use on surfaces and it is important to be aware of which work best in different situations before they arrive at the scene.
Bichromatic Powder
Bichromatic powder will appear silver on dark surfaces and black on light silver surfaces, enabling this to be used on a large range of household objects that may be encountered at a scene.
Black and White Powders
Black powders work well on clear or light coloured surface, and white on black surfaces. The objective with each powder choice is to obtain the greatest contrast possible for photography and comparison.
Fluorescent Powders
Fluorescent powders have a very light base and require a light touch to obtain the best results. Try using a Marabou Duster for perfect results, but these are ideal for patterned surfaces where one single colour of powder will not give great contrast, as with a UV lamp the powder will fluoresce in the dark allowing a photograph to be taken with great contrast. With or without the UV lamp these are very popular with pupils.
Metallic Powders
Ideal for smooth surfaces such as glass, metallic flake powders are very successful for many prints and work best with fibreglass brushes. Choose the colour which gives the best contrast for the surfaces you will be using or have your pupils experiment with both.
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DescriptionBronze Powder
Product NameBronze powder in jar
Pack SizeEACH
Chemical FormulaN/A
Molecular WeightN/A
UN Class9/3077/III
CAS No7440-50-8
EC No231-159-6
Signal WordWarning
Hazard StatementsH400, H411, H302
Precautionary StatementsP264, P270, P273, P301+P312, P330, P391, P501
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